TAMIZDAT at New Holland, Family Business

Arts & Sciences Projects is heading to Russia!

18 May – 1 June 2013


at New Holland

St. Petersburg

Summer in New Holland 2013 will open with a pop-up show TAMIZDAT, by FAMILY BUSINESS, the New York based gallery initiated by artist Maurizio Cattelan and Massimiliano Gioni, the curator of the Venice Biennale 2013.

TAMIZDAT is an independent press ‘mini-market’, held in St. Petersburg.  TAMIZDAT is the newest incarnation of the MEGABODEGA zine show that took place in July 2012 at Family Business Gallery in New York.

TAMIZDAT refers to the Russian term ‘samizdat’, which was a key form of dissident activity during the Soviet era in which individuals reproduced censored, foreign publications by hand, and passed the documents from reader to reader. The aim of the exhibition project is to revisit the strong Russian tradition of self-published, paper-based products that led to the democratization of information, where every person can make a book or a magazine expressing their thoughts and ideas, with a creative touch.

During the project there will be presented 400 self-published art pieces from all over the world. Moreover, nightly there will be zine presentations and book launches, as well as variety of events such as concerts, poetry readings and performances by international and local artists.

Curated by Victoria Yee Howe and Daria Irincheeva.

Arts & Sciences Projects publications included in the exhibit:

A Romance in Pictures by Calvin Lee

American Desire by Carl Gunhouse

3  by Ryan Compton

Friends & Family by Martin Masetto

Young Man with International Style by Philip Tomaru

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