Petrella's Imports

Several zines published by Arts & Sciences Projects will be on display and available for sale at Petrella's Imports, 14 April - 14 June 2013, at the intersection of Bowery & Canal in downtown Manhattan.

Featuring titles by Calvin Lee, Ryan Compton, Philip Tomaru, Martin Masetto.

On the site of a former classic NYC newsstand, Petrella’s Imports (2013) is conceived as a hybrid reconstitution at a time when the originary purpose of the newsstand as ‘source of information’ wanes. Petrella’s Imports aims to reimagine the offerings of these nodes of distribution, providing a different solution to their utile problem.

An initiative by artists Anne Libby, Elise McMahon and Sophie Stone, Petrella’s Imports works with a large number of creative collaborators in order to assemble a surrogate inventory of items (magazines and newspapers as well as postcards, prepackaged food, umbrellas and cigarettes) found typically at commercial newsstands.